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In January 2012 John Penrose MP, then Minister for Tourism and Heritage at the DCMS, told the House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport that the Government were “launching a triennial review of stakes and prizes, which has been much called for”

A year later, in January 2013, the Government launched The Gambling Act 2005: Triennial Review of Gaming Machine State and Prize Limits, which stated that the Government had “decided to implement a more coherent approach to stake and prize regulation based on the previous triennial review system.”88 It took advice from the Gambling Commission, which in turn took advice from the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.89 In line with that advice, some stakes and prizes were again increased.

The reintroduction of the triennial review was supported by the majority of the consultation respondents, and the Government concluded that a triennial review was still appropriate; however, it qualified this by saying that “future reviews must be informed by evidence of impact, both socially and economically, of the changes recommended as part of this review.”91



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