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How to Write a Descriptive Essay in 7 Steps

A formal or professional essay must follow an outline along with the use of academic vocabulary. There are few steps that every essay writer should keep in mind while composing an essay. The first and foremost step is to brainstorm all the ideas and decide on one topic. The topic selection is one of the trickiest parts of the whole writing. If the topic is elaborative and argumentative, then it is highly capable of generating a good essay. After opting for a topic the next step is to perform research and gather all the information. Once you are done with scrutinizing the information, you should select a way to write that can either be argumentative, narrative, or literary. Then you need to develop a thesis statement and devise an outline that will guide you to make topic sentences, premises, evidence, and a summary of ideas.

Another aspect of writing is proofreading your written statements to improve the quality of writing and amending any mistakes. Proofreading is an important step of writing a professional since while writing, writers usually have a change of tone that can make an essay look amateurish. Moreover, proofreading caters to half the mistakes that could be pointed out by any other person who reads your essay.

The above is just a generic way to compose an essay; they are guidance on how to write and what to write professionally. There is another aspect to writing as well, which includes formatting using a format described by researchers. Usually technical and college essays are written in APA format as it is the most sophisticated format in use. There are many other formats too, like Harvard, Chicago, and MLA. These formats are used for different applications by teachers of various areas. In this article, we will see how to format using these ways of writing.

An essay does not need headings to elaborate the content; it is a continuation of paragraphs sequentially starting from an introduction and ending at a conclusion. Within the bounds of intro and conclusion lies the body paragraphs that state the arguments and topic sentences in an elaborate manner. This is the basic layout of any pattern, the only thing that is variable in these formats are the indentation, cover pages, and the references page. Let's now discuss each of the formats separately.

We will discuss APA first since it is the most famous one among all. The cover page of APA is on a separate page with title and running head in the first line at the center of the page, followed by the name of the essay writer service and institutions. Moreover, there is a running head in the header of the first page with the title of running head. After the title page, all the content pages are left-aligned with the first line of every paragraph having a space of 0.5 inches. As for the header, only title and page numbers are added to the content page. Lastly, the references page is titled "References" in bold.

Next is MLA, which is usually used for literary and English essays. The header of this format contains the last name and page number on the extreme right side. As for the cover page, it is coupled with the content page on the extreme left side. The cover consists of a name followed by the instructor's name, course number, and date. Soon after, a detailed heading of the topic is added, and the essay continues. All the text is left indented with a space of 0.5 inches at the start of every paragraph. The references page is the last page titled "Works Cited" in a simple font.

As for Harvard format, the margins are set 1.5inches with running head and page number on all the pages. The cover page is a separate page with the title followed by the name, institution affiliated. Then content starts from the next page after the title, with each paragraph having a first-line space of 0.5 inches. In the end, the references page is referred to as "Bibliography" in bold, italics, and left indented.

While I write my essay, I make sure that I know which format I follow. Following a sequence adds half of the professional and the remaining professionalism comes from the use of academic vocabulary. Using a format is the most essential part as using it makes writing look neat and arranged without the aid of headings. Moreover, for essays to be readable using formats is the only way.

The last format in discussion is the Chicago format; it has a separate cover page including the title and name of the author with two lines of space. It also contains the date at the center of the page. From the next page, the content starts with each new paragraph having a space of 0.5 inches at the first line only. The header of the content pages does not contain a running head. Instead, the name and page number are there on the extreme right. The references in this format are both at the footnotes of the page and the last page named "Bibliography" in bold and on the extreme left.

In case you are worried sick about how you will manage to write a professional essay, then don't worry, you can consult an essay writing service, and they will assist you 24/7. However, if you are reluctant to seek external help, then this blog is the one for you to get guidance and start working on your own.

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