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India, the home of ancient civilisation and a hub of multi-ethnic tribes and people, has stirred the imagination most haunted places in india of people for centuries. As exotic as it seems from the first look, it has dark places with untold dark mysteries and horrors. Whether such places are haunted by the ghosts and spirits of the dead or some strange, mysterious, and supernatural forces rule these places is a question that remains unsettled.

But one thing is sure as you move from Bhangarh Fort to the Dow Hill station, the events which take place are superhuman and any rational mind cannot accept it and perhaps never india's most haunted place bear the horror it generates. If you are interested in the story of such places, then hold your horses tight, you are about to experience the dread of most haunted places in India. Whether you should believe in it is a question that would become very easy once you go through the story of these places.

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